SHARED PLAYLISTS are now live!

This is a game changer.

We’re excited to announce a new feature on Composerly - Shared Playlists. A new tool to easily share individual playlists of your music with others.


Demo 1- default
Demo 2 - transparent background
Demo 3 - track background

How it Works
Select any playlist in your Composerly account, whether public or private, and generate a unique sharing code. Simply copy this code and send it to anyone you want to give access to that specific playlist.

Ideal for Pitches
This new tool makes it simple to share full curated playlists with music directors, supervisors, and other professionals in TV, film, and advertising. Quickly showcase your style and capability!

Share for Streaming or Downloads
When generating the sharing code, you decide if the people you share with can simply stream the tracks or download them for offline listening. It’s up to you depending on the purpose of the playlist. You are notified of all downloads. You can revoke access at any time.

Customizable Look
You also get full control over the look and feel of any shared playlist. Choose colors, background images so the playlist visually represents you and your music.

Everyone gets unlimited Shared Playlists. Downloadable playlists are limited:

  • Free: 3 downloadable Shared Playlists
  • Plus: 15 downloadable Shared Playlists
  • Pro: Unlimited downloadable Shared Playlists

Start Sharing Today

  1. Log in to your Composerly account
  2. Navigate to the Track Manager and choose any Playlist from the sidebar
  3. Select “Share Playlist”
  4. Choose optional sharing options (downloads and appearance)
  5. Launch or copy the link to share.

Can’t wait for everyone to check it out. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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