How to use Shared Playlists

How to use Shared Playlists

Shared Playlists are simple but powerful ways to share your music with clients, directors, supervisors, and other professionals. It’s pretty simple. Check it out.

Create a playlist you want to share (or use an existing one)

  1. Head to the Track Manager
  2. Search for tracks
  3. Click checkboxes to select multiple tracks
  4. From the batch edit menu, choose Create New Playlist
  5. Add title, description, tags, genre and select Public or Private, then click Create Playlist
  6. Once playlist is created, you can change track order and add artwork

Launching a Shared Playlist

Go to any playlist in your Track Manager and click Share Playlist. This will launch shareable options for a single playlist (Launch Playlist, Copy Link, Copy Embed Code). Default settings include:

  • Streaming only
  • Link to full playlist
  • Links to individual tracks
  • Link to your email address (setup in Settings > Library Info)

Allow Downloads

One of the most exciting things about Shared Playlists is the ability to add downloads. This makes it a perfect way to share tracks with clients. Here’s how:

  1. Click Share Playlist

  2. Click Allow Downloads

  3. Click Create Download Key. A download key is comprised of two things:

    • Name (something easy for you to track, only you will see this)
    • Duration (how long you want the link to work)
  4. Click Launch, Copy, or Embed.


  • The Download Key is linked to the playlist. It is not transferrable to other playlists.
  • Unless you have provided alternate files, downloaded files will be 128kbps mp3s.

Change Colors and Appearance

The default settings of a Shared Playlist will give you a beautiful, simple and intuitive website for each playlist. However, we have a few styling options for those who want to change it up a bit. Just click on Share Playlist and then Change Colors and Appearance.

Option Description/Options
Text Adjusts all text color
Highlight Mouseover colors for links and waveform progress
Background Sets background color for center column and the now playing module
Transparent Background When enabled, center column is transparent
Hide header When enabled, artwork, title, description are hidden
Background-Image Profile cover (default setting)
Playlist - uses the playlist image as background
Track - changes to currently playing track image
None - No background image, good for embedding

Embedding a Shared Playlist

To get the embed code for each playlist:

  1. Click Share Playlist
  2. Make any changes to the color/appearance settings
  3. Click Copy Embed Code
  4. Paste the code in your website builder.