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Welcome to our general discussion area. This is the place for any conversations or questions not covered in our other categories. Talk shop, share music, inspire, get inspired. This is a place for music makers to share insights, spark new ideas and support each other’s work.


This is where to find the latest Composerly updates and news. We’ll post here any time there are new features rolled out, scheduled maintenance periods, service disruptions, or other important notices that may impact users. Keep an eye on this forum to always be in the know on what’s happening with our offerings.

Knowledge Base

This will serve as our central knowledge base where you can find answers to common issues and questions. Rather than creating a new thread, check here first - there’s a good chance your topic has already been covered.

Feedback/Feature Requests

Share any ideas you have for new features or improvements to Composerly. Be sure to explain your idea and why you think it would be a useful. We’re always looking to enhance things based on feedback.

Support/Ask a Question

Stuck on an issue or something isn’t working as it should? Use this category to get answers from @Composerly and the Composerly community.


We strive for minimal downtime but occasional updates are required. Advance notice will be posted here whenever possible.

Bug Report

If you encounter an unexpected problem or bug while using Composerly, use this topic to submit an issue report. Providing clear details about how to reproduce the issue will help our support team diagnose and resolve it. You can also check if other users are experiencing the same problem before reporting.