Privacy Options - Managing Access to Your Music

Privacy Options - Managing Access to Your Music

Composerly gives you flexibility in who can listen through three privacy levels:

  • Public: Any visitor can stream tracks.

  • Login Required: Tracks are only accessible to registered Composerly users who have signed in. Users can easily create a free account and sign in via Facebook, Google, or Dropbox for simple one-click authentication. No private user data is required to enjoy music at this level.

  • Private: Access is granted solely to approved individuals you specify.

In addition to stream access, you can control:

  • Download Permissions at the global and individual level. Options include allowing/disallowing downloads.

Granting Individual Access

In addition to the main privacy settings, you can grant specific permissions to individual users regardless of the global setting through two methods:

  • Create an invitation with custom permissions like streaming only. Simply copy the link to send out manually. [Create Client Invitations]

  • Search your users list to locate a specific account and adjust their view/download settings directly from Composerly.

Artists have full control and can revoke any user’s access at any time. All login activity and file downloads are securely documented on your profile for easy reference and oversight.