How to delete your account

Deleting Your Account

If you ever need to fully delete your Composerly profile and account information, the process is straightforward.

Your music hosted on SoundCloud will remain intact. Composerly does not store any audio files - we connect to your SoundCloud profile.

When you delete your Composerly account, we immediately and permanently remove:

  • All profile information - photos, bios, links
  • Play history, Playlists and track metadata added in Composerly
  • Analytics, play, favorite, and download history

Your underlying SoundCloud account will be unchanged. Any tracks, playlists, follows and stats will continue existing on SoundCloud as normal.

To delete your account, log into, go to Settings/Account, and locate the “Delete My Account” button. Confirm your choice to have your entire Composerly profile erased from our systems within minutes.