How do I upload tracks to Composerly?

Uploading Music to Composerly

Composerly acts as a front end for SoundCloud, allowing you to easily share and manage your uploaded music files. To add tracks to your Composerly library, you will first need to upload them directly to SoundCloud.

Uploading to SoundCloud

Head over to to start the process. Select the audio files you want to share from your computer files. Provide details like title, artist name, and description.

Syncing to Composerly

Once you’ve uploaded new tracks to SoundCloud, there are two ways they can appear in your Composerly library:

  • If uploaded to an already enabled playlist, the tracks will automatically sync to your library.
  • If the music in not in an enabled playlist yet, head to the Track Manager, click “Import from SoundCloud” to manually sync any recent uploads to Composerly. You can now add your new music to an existing playlist or create a new one.