Custom CSS

Custom CSS for Your Library

Composerly allows experienced web designers to style their library pages with custom CSS. Rather than uploading an external file, CSS customization is always enabled - you simply type or paste code directly into the editor provided.

Applying Your Styles

Navigate to the Settings page at In the “Custom CSS” section, you’ll find a code editor field.

Type or paste your CSS here to have styles instantly applied across library pages. Changes will override Composerly’s default themes.

Common Customizations

Popular customizations include adjusting colors, fonts, layouts and element styles. You can refine details like buttons, headers, backgrounds and more to perfectly match your brand aesthetic.

Be mindful not to obscure essential functionality with overly aggressive styles. Focus on visual refinements rather than structural hacks.

For advanced designers, the built-in CSS editor provides full control over customizing your Composerly presence to match your creative vision. No external uploads required.