Composerly license store?

This has come up before (in other forums) but I’ve always wondered if users would like the ability to sell licenses through the site.

For my own business, here’s usually the process. Clients will:

  1. visit the library
  2. choose tracks they like
  3. email me for license details. There’s always some back and forth, and once we agree on terms…
  4. I create and send out a license
  5. I create and send out an invoice

The good about this process:

  • when discussing usage, clients inevitably need more than they initially thought.
  • I can be flexible. If the budget is too low I can work with them to find a way to make it work.
  • competing with the big music license sites, a personal conversation/connection can help make a lasting relationship.

The bad

  • It’s a pain.
  • Budgets are shrinking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone up against tracks from Artlist (essentially free). The time it takes me to negotiate, create contract/invoice, sometimes just isn’t worth the license fee.
  • Sometimes clients need music NOW. Emailing the composer to negotiate can take too long.

So it’s something I’ve always thought about. What if Composerly could not only be the library, but a simple and easy way to handle the license as well.

Would love to know everyone’s thoughts.


First of all, congratulations on the new forum. This could be a good place for exchange and getting to know each other!

I find the possibility of selling directly from the website very interesting. I have only had experiences with library sites that distribute my music. Having control over the entire process sounds good. The only question for me would be how to attract potential customers to my site - but that’s a different topic…


Thanks! Yeah, this is going to be fun. Thanks so much for jumping on the forum and contributing.

Can you talk a bit about your experiences with the library sites? Is it exclusive? What kind of placements have you been able to secure?

Re: promotion - I guess it’s like promoting any other project - just getting it out in front of the right people. But that is definitely an advantage to the libraries, they have a sales force and a marketing team. Which is kind of what made me think about this topic: