AI assisted searches?

Here’s an idea I’ve been thinking about:

From the beginning of Composerly, we’ve always shown visitors what tags are available to search. Which has been great. However, it does rely on you (the Composerly user) to add and maintain tags (and even redundant tags to cover any possible searches).

But what if we used AI for natural language searches? So for example, users could say:

I want a piece of music that’s uplifting, fun, and would get people excited.

The AI could take that message, compare it to the existing tags in your library and return a list of tracks that might fit the description. Not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

Would love to know what everyone thinks.


Great idea - but sounds like it would be really difficult to build. If you can do this, it would be a really cool feature!

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